Jack Mann Chicago Is Your Internet Marketing Service Solution

Jack Mann Chicago has been involved in creative writing and fiction writing since 1982 and has been responsible for creating content for more sites than we can list here. Specializing in taking web sites from no top 10 Google Search Results to no less than 2 (including the Google My Business / Google Maps listing). This specialization is to assure that there is unique content coming from historically authoritative annals. Jack Mann Chicago also aligns all Google and Google My Business listings with other listings to insure that the Name, Address, and Phone are not different. When there are multiple addresses being used for one business there can be enough confusion to cause a low ranking within Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other aggregate listings as well as local directories. Jack Mann Chicago is constantly looking for new and exciting ways to increase traffic to sites through blogs, AdWords, and manipulation of the way a site is seen by Google Page Rank algorithm. Jack Mann Chicago’s staff learned how to do this by going to the PUBCON Conventions during the first three years of its existence.

Any time, any place, any where, Jack Mann Chicago will assist in getting a site to the top 10 of Google search results. Contact Jack Mann Chicago at 312.721.0375.


Christmas Songs Do Not Replace Worship Songs

We all know that when Christmas is upon us there is an expectation to hear & sing Christmas tunes. Sure, they are wonderful and uplifting songs, but do not replace songs of praise and worship. Replacement is not what they were designed to do in a church atmosphere. In all honesty, Christmas songs where design and written to argument certain parts of the holiday season.

 Songs like Jingle Bells, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, We Three Kings, O Little town of Bethlehem, Away in a Manger, O Christmas Tree, and the list goes on and on and on. Traditional hymns song in church are not to be replaced by Christmas carols, however, it is still acceptable to sing 1 or two maximum during a service. It is not acceptable, however, to replace all of the traditional praise and worship hymns with Christmas carols. When that occurs there’s a definite need for the congregation to have a talk with their Pastor or minister who would be able to receive such constructive criticism.

At no time should anyone feel that Christmas carols are not appropriate. They are appropriate, they are wonderful, they are uplifting. Church services, the normal ones that are at the normally appointed times, are for worship. When there is a season, like Christmas, that requires separate songs to Be Sung, the church can choose to have a holiday show which spotlights all of these songs for the congregation.

I hope, and pray, that drink any holiday season you are able to enjoy yourself, worship, and not feel like your weekly church service has been taken over. Again, this is not a negative post about Christmas or Christmas carols. This is just to remind us that it’s still okay to sing traditional hymns during the holiday season.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Jack Mann Chicago in Naperville, Aurora, Chicago Is All Over

Currently Jack Mann Chicago and Jack T Is For The Mann are located in Plainfield. This is where all of their web based services are located and, as a result, there is much more access to companies who require business to business assistance. At Jack Mann Chicago we pride ourselves on working with companies from the Wisconsin Border to Streator — from the Mississippi to the City of Chicago. We are everywhere…just like that Johnny Cash song, I’ve Been Everywhere Man. Great song, and a great mantra. The excellent staff at Jack Mann Chicago are well versed in assisting small businesses obtain top 10 Google and Google My Business listings. Through the adherence to Google Penguin updates as well as the other policies and procedures of the Google Webmaster, all small businesses we work with see traction.

There are too many to list here, however, we certainly like to give our customers a shot in the arm when we can. Therefore, we want to provide you with a bit of an expose’ on Randall Roadhouse Bar Tavern Grill located in Carpentersville, Illinois. This is a wonderful restaurant, bar, and pizza delivery business. When Jack Mann Chicago was contacted by the owner of Randall Roadhouse he immediately saw that there were some items on the menu that the owner was not interested in promoting that as much as other items. That is why Jack Mann Chicago decided to promote one (1) item which is not one of the main ones the owner is optimizing for. With his permission, we developed a similar campaign for this item that we used on his other SEO campaigns for Pizza Delivery, Bloody Mary’s, Gaming, Craft Beer, and Cubs Bar. You might ask, “what was it you were doing?”

Randall Roadhouse has one (1) steak with two (2) cuts. There is a 8oz cut, and a 10oz cut of filet mignon. What does it mean when the owner is not as interested in battling with the National Steak House chains? It means that he is in the business of running a tavern, restaurant, as well as pizza delivery business. The owner is not running a Steak House. That would not be as evident to anyone searching for STEAK while sitting in Carpentersville. Nor would that be evident to anyone typing STEAK and the town of CARPENTERSVILLE into Google. Simply put Randall Roadhouse comes up # 1 in Google My Business as well as in the organic Google Search Results due to Jack Mann Chiago’s search engine optimization. Our work generated excellent results and, because of that, the owner knows that we are in the business of making a difference in his business. We are always going to assure that his business (and yours) shows up in the top 10 of Google Search Results.

Just take a look at Steak as a search term in Carpentersville. Once you have, just give us a call @ 312-721-0375.

Stone Is For The Kitchen

Jack Mann Chicago is a vendor at I Gotta Contractor.com and, as such he provides excellent Internet Marketing Services as well as Search Engine Optimization.  Like Jack Mann Chicago, Jack T is for The Mann provides General Contractor Services. Here is some stone countertop information:

At the worst we use Formica or laminant in our kitchens to cover our counter tops. When we have the best it is either Granite, Quartz, Quartzite, or Marble to cover these areas. When choosing the proper type of stone or man made product we must have an idea of what we want out of our counter top.

First, how forgiving must it be with heat? If we are going to be putting hot stuff on it, direct from stove top / cook top to the granite surface is being done, Quartz will melt and/or burn. Therefore at that point we know that we are not going to have a product that will not withstand the heat.

Next, if we spill things on our counter tops and do not get to them immediately there may be staining of these counter tops if the spill is not cleaned immediately. Therefore, there is no way that we are going to have the type of counter top that allows for stains. We simply cannot have that going on in any way, shape, or form. Therefore, we must have a way to have a durable counter top that can also withstand stains.

Finally, the best solution is to have a place where we can put pots (a special area next to the cook top that is some kind of stone sitting on top of our Quartz) and the counter tops must be Quartz. If we are going to be spilling stuff, taking off for a few hours and leaving the spill alone, we need to have Quartz. Quarts is much more forgiving than the other types of counter tops.

Remember that Quartz is best for anti stain, and the best place to get stone installed is MIDWEST STONE SALES, http://www.midweststonesales.com, 312.721.0375. Ask for Jack.

Have a nice countertop journey…

The Rolling Stones – The Three Levels

Jack Mann Chicago is here to bring you up to speed on The Rolling Stones. Strap in and get ready for a wild ride…

Not too many people know this, however, I am going to share it with you. The Rolling Stones had three distinct times in their career…and now a fourth has shown up too.

First, The Stones had a lead guitarist, the founding member, Brian Jones. His style, creativity, and musicianship awarded them the greatest acolades from across the globe. Sadly, Brian Jones passed away in an accident classified as “Death By Misadventure” in 1969. Very strange stuff to be sure.

Insure Your Jewelry

No matter what kind of jewelry you buy, try to remember that most homeowners policies only provide protection up to an included amount or and included sub limit of $2,500 for jewelry. Therefore, once all of your jewelry when totaled up exceeds $2,500 it is time to purchase a jewelry articles it is time to purchase a jewelry articles floater. Typically you want to insure things like expensive diamond rings, bracelets, expensive watches, earrings, or anything with precious stones or precious metals that is valued in excess of $2,500. That does not mean that it has to be over 2,500 in value by itself. Once you get over the $2,500 mark it’s best to just add your Jewellery as you go, unless of course, you want to keep your price way down. Every time you add an item you’re paying a rate per $100 of coverage for jewelry. Therefore, try to remember that your jewelry is either going to have to be proven in value by either showing the original receipt or an appraisal.

Various insurance companies provide this type of coverage and, those include and are not limited to Hartford, CNA, Travelers, Liberty Mutual, MetLife, State Farm, Allstate, Nationwide, Country Companies, and more likely than not the most expensive insurer on the planet for hi value homes…Chubb.

Please be sure to weigh the costs between your local Independent Insurance agent and your local direct writer. There’s a great blog that compares and contrasts the difference between independent insurance agents versus direct writers. Read it and enjoy. http://activerain.com/blogsview/907229/independent-agent-vs-direct-writer—independent-agent-wins—

Jack “T is for The” Mann Consultant

Jack Mann has been an insurance professional for over 20 years. Jack Mann specialized in researching, developing, and implementing Insurance programs for large associations. Taking after his father, George F. Mann, Jr., Jack Mann has created multiple National Insurance programs. When putting Commercial Insurance programs together Jack Mann goes through an information-gathering phase. This phase can last up to 18 months depending upon the amount of data provided by the potential client. Upon receipt of the necessary data, Jack Mann then utilizes the information to create a feasibility study, not unlike those used in creating offshore captive Arrangements. When Jack Mann puts together the necessary data for a commercial insurance program on a national basis, he does so with the needs of each individual member of the program in mind.

When Jack Mann put together the insurance program for the American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society (AESF), he made sure that the various insurers who dealt with writing coverage for electroplaters, anodizers, deburring operations, spray coating, flow coating, and powder coating businesses it was imperative that a separate limit of insurance be included for debris removal. Debris removal in all commercial insurance policies, allows for up to 25% of the total combined limits of business personal property and building coverage to be reduced by up to 25% by the insurance company for debris removal in the event there is a toxic exposure of any kind. That is to say, in the event that an insurance carrier like State Farm decided that the bricks remaining after a total loss on a building where contaminated, the total limit of insurance which in this case we will use the number 1 million dollars for building and business personal property, would be reduced by up to $250,000 for debris removal. Once the $250,000 is paid to contractors who are approved and used by the insurance carrier regularly, the remaining limits to rebuild this business operation would be left at $750,000. Certainly, this is not enough money to rebuild, and the insured would have to go and get a loan in order to rebuild properly. Far too many times and and in not so unusual process the commercial insured’s are left making themselves whole again.

Jack Mann is of the opinion and belief that when a situation like this arises, it is vital that there be some sort of valuation of the business personal property, and the commercial building. Once all of this data is written down and put into Excel spreadsheets every single piece of equipment, serial number, name of manufacturer, Etc will be memorialized in this report. In the event of a total loss, which in the insurance industry we refer to as probable maximum loss, this data can be tweet years after it was originally compiled based upon the replacement values of the equipment in today’s market, the cost to run wiring to and from the electrical equipment, and any other issues associated with rebuilding this business.

Needless to say, when it Commercial Insurance customer has a total loss, loses 25% of their insurance immediately upon the loss, and cannot rebuild with the amount of money provided from the insurance carrier after the loss… They are not happy with the insurance broker, the insurance company, and especially not happy with the insurance adjuster. How is this resolved? That is a question that Jack Mann alone provides answers to when he meets with individual business owners who are attempting to take care of any future losses today through and buy proper insurance coverages and forms. Don’t hesitate to contact check at his email to ask any and all questions you may have regarding this insurance anomaly.

Here at Jack T is for the Mann, it is painfully obvious that not enough insurance brokers truly understand how commercial property insurance works with debris removal. That is why, professionals like Jack Mann, always available to make recommendations 2 potential future Insurance buying customers in a Consulting capacity.